February 2016

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Popularity of clubs

The students at Jim Thorpe High School have a great variety of clubs for the 2015- 2016 school year that their teachers  and staff are able to offer to them. However, the reputation of the…

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JT VS. Lehighton

  The Jim Thorpe Boys Basketball team played Lehighton on January 20th, 2016, on JT’s home court. It finally became time for them to face each other again. What were the results? Outstanding. According to…

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Get with the program

Osiris Collins and Luke Carter, Seniors at Jim Thorpe Area High School, have taken the next leap into the advancement of the knowledge of these students. With the help of Mr. Spirk, they have started…

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Cross country runner, Dylan Bucior

The 2015 and 2016 school year has been great for Dylan Bucior, one of Jim Thorpe’s cross country runners. Dylan has beaten several different records and ranked very high in several competitions. “He’s definitely a…

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