November 2016

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Teaching methods

by Samantha Ahner, reporter All throughout the school, many different teachers have various teaching methods to get their points across to their students; however some students may find them useful whereas others may not. Mr….

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The upcoming flu season

by Mia Lowin, Reporter Students at the high school are probably not very excited about the approaching flu season. This is another interference that gets in the way of plans and activities. This may just…

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Clown scare

by Shawn Stubaus, Reporter After many rumors of clown sightings, it came out true that people were dressing up as clowns and terrorizing children throughout Pennsylvania. Some students have even claimed they have seen clowns…

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Mainstream versus underground

There are many types of genres in music. These genres are typically branched into two major groups: mainstream and underground. “I listen to more acoustic music,” said Spanish teacher, Miss Johanna Tripler. Mainstream is music…

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The homecoming experience

by Emma Dunbar, Reporter Every fall, Jim Thorpe High School has its annual homecoming dance and football game. Each year six boys and six girls are nominated to run for homecoming king and queen. This…

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