May 2017

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Embarrassing classroom situations

Everyone has had that one time where something happened in the classroom and you’re face turned red. Here are some shared embarrassing stories from classmates and teachers at Jim Thorpe High School. Some students find…

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Experiencing Civil War Day

by Alexis Hill, reporter   Every year, Jim Thorpe History Club teams up with Mr. Holub’s Civil War classes to present Civil War Day. Civil war Day is a lot of fun but not many…

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Prom preparations: the works

It is that time of the year again: a time for romance and expensive dresses. That is right, it is prom season! The clothes, the shoes, the hair, the makeup… How do the prom-goers cope?…

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Teachers @ JTHS

Teachers are comparable to students in many ways. Generally, teachers have other hobbies and personal preferences of their own. Students may sometimes overlook the fact that teachers have lives of their own outside of these…

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Olympian cheerleading 2017-2018

by Carol Keefer, Reporter The Jim Thorpe Area Senior High School cheerleading tryouts began on Saturday, April 22, 2017. There were more than forty girls signed up to tryout for both the Varsity and Junior…

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Unusual pets

If the thoughts of owning an unusual pet seem like it would be a colossal nightmare, think again. Here at Jim Thorpe High School, some of our students own unusual pets. Junior, Hailey Bowman and…

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