June 2017

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SADD activities advise during prom week

Since 2015, the Jim Thorpe SADD team has hosted “Prom Week” during the week of Prom. It has been a huge success year to year. Students at Jim Thorpe look forward to participating in the…

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Foreign languages: should we offer more?

by Carol Keefer, Reporter Jim Thorpe High School only offers two foreign languages: German and Spanish. While both of these languages are not uncommon at high schools across the country, it may be seen by…

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2017’s student of the year

Every year, students are given opportunities to help raise awareness and money for worthy causes. Some students from the Jim Thorpe High School have joined the campaign and have made a huge impact on a…

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End of the school year horoscopes

By Alexis Hill   Aquarius: January 20th- February 18th You’ve been working hard all year and as you get to the end of this year, you don’t really care anymore. You know you’re going to…

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Testing 101

As the end of the year approaches, students may find themselves overwhelmed and flustered. The end of the year comes with finals, Keystones, SATs, and other tests that may be the source of stress for…

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