Homecoming proposals

Around this time, there are many expectations high school students begin to have. These may include getting good grades, doing well in a sporting event, studying for big tests coming up, and possibly even worrying about the big homecoming dance that has been the talk of the school this recent month. Girls worry about what dress they should wear and if anyone would have the same one. The guys worry about who they should ask and how to do it. Some people stress about homecoming and if they will get asked or not. Some students will go with a group of friends, go with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or just go with someone as friends. This year, many people got asked to homecoming. There were some small proposals, but some that were big as well.  

One proposal that happened last week after the football team’s big win, involving Alex Hauck and Grace Kenna.

“I had a few people help me ask Grace to homecoming,” Alex said. “Cassity Dixon and Paul Onuskanich helped consult my ideas and tell me if they were good enough or not.” Alex went on to say, “Makenna Rodgers also helped by getting Grace at the right spot at the right time.” When it was time to finally ask Grace, Alex pulled out his sign that read, “I must be a fisherman, because you’re a catch! Homecoming?” Grace was all smiles when she saw the sign and she, of course, had to say yes.

Another homecoming proposal that took place this month, was Kingsley Ehling’s proposal to Alex Carino. One of the bigger proposals the school has seen this year took place at a soccer game.

Kingsley explained, “I had people holding signs that had each letter to spell out her name, and as she walked through them, my other friends threw up colored powder.” Kingsley was waiting at the end of the walkway with flowers and the sign. His sign said, “Flowers are the second most beautiful thing, can I go to homecoming with the first?” Alex was very surprised by this proposal because she thought Kingsley was not going to be doing a big proposal at all. Though this was a big gesture, some students just wish to be asked in a small way and to keep it personal.

The next couple to get asked to homecoming was Caiden Hurley and Olivia Wolfe. For them, this is their first homecoming together as they are both freshman this year.

According to Caiden, “I had Abbey McGinley help me get Olivia set up in the spot I was going to ask her.” That day after school, Olivia was getting ready for a volleyball game they had that night. When she walked out of the locker room, Caiden was standing there waiting for her with flowers. He simply asked “Will you go to homecoming with me?” Olivia said yes as well. Caiden continues on, “Olivia didn’t seem surprised because friends of hers had been giving her hints throughout the day that I was going to ask her but, she seemed happy!”

Whether a senior or even a freshman, homecoming is a great time to hang out and enjoy spending time with friends. Everyone gets to dress up while dancing to the music they love.  High school students continue to look forward to this night, and will always remember the memories they make with their friends.



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