Most might not know what SWPBIS stands for, what it means, or even what it is used for in school. SWPBIS stands for School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. The SWPBIS club in the high school, has one main goal, to spread positive behavior, and reward those who follow it. A few weeks ago, the school had an event for the freshman to participate in to understand SWPBIS and what it does for students in the high school. The freshmen had challenges to accomplish to get pieces to a puzzle, that would eventually put together in the end.

“The freshmen went through different activities all representing what TORCH meant and applied the TORCH meaning in their activities,” said Kelsey Carroll, member of SWPBIS.

TORCH is a big meaning of the SWPBIS initative. For the few people that may not know what TORCH stands for, it is Teamwork, Organization, Responsibility, Choices, Honor. Throughout the school, students may see TORCH signs, hung up by the SWPBIS program.

“I truly believe the freshmen did enjoy this activity. We got a lot of good feedback from them,” said Day’janee Beckham, member of SWPBIS.

When the students came to the activity, they learned about all different aspects of TORCH. For Honor, Day’janee Beckham taught the freshman the Alma Mater.

Another activity the freshmen had to complete included all the students to get in a group with their pods. Each group went against the other in a game of tug-o-war. Here, they learned about teamwork. Again, including another one of the meanings of TORCH.

Though this freshman class has been the first class to be able to participate in the activity, continuing this could better the school and the students inside of it. Helping students learn the reasonings of being a positive student is very important. The SWPBIS club has many more ideas for the students, and they cannot wait to allow the students to create an even more positive place to go to school.


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