Caraval book review, by Riley Gillespie

          “Remember, it’s only a game…” In the book Caraval, Scarlett and her sister Donatella (Tella) have never left the small secluded island in which their cruel father rules. Their father control most aspects of their lives, including Scarlett’s marriage. But Scarlett has had dreams of playing the game Caraval since she was a little girl and wants to live the fantasy. Her dream of playing the game and her future with her arranged husband seem like they will never both happen, but during the book you will follow Scarlett’s journey in Carval because she believes she can have it all, and almost loses herself in the process.

           “I really did enjoy the mystery of the book Caraval, I thought that the first book did an excellent job setting up the scene and the mystery of what the participants in Caraval had to complete,” said Mrs.Butchko, teacher at Jim Thorpe Area High School.

            The mystery of the book could be described as eerie. As almost every page was something readers would not expect. The actors who made this mystery come alive have the players almost convinced it was real, along with the readers.

            “If given the choice, I do not think I would participate as a player in Caraval. I think I would prefer being an actress,” said Mrs.Butcko.

             Throughout the story, the book illustrates the two sisters’ relationship pretty well. It seems like Scarlett would do anything for her sister, including play the crazy and almost dangerous game of Caraval.

             “I would describe the sister’s relationship as complicated. They were sisters, which is always complicated to begin with, but the book hits on the good and the bad of having a sibling,” said Mrs.Butchko.

              In conclusion, the book Caraval will have reader’s enticed with the eerie mystery of it all. Getting to know the sisters and what is behind the game Caraval left Mrs.Butchko wanting to read more.

             “I really enjoyed the book and the sequel! I would recommend it,” Butchko said.

              It is said to “only be a game…” but the book Caraval may have readers fooled. The book is filled with adventure, suspense, and is certainly a page turner that will have readers think it is more than just a game.

About the Author

Riley Gillespie
Riley Gillespie, 17, lives in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, and is a senior at Jim Thorpe Area High School. She is part of the Olympiad and is a two time captain for the Jim Thorpe cheerleading team. She is currently a varsity co-captain. Riley is going to be attending Lehigh Carbon Community College and then continue her education at ESU, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child Development. She plans to help children in need and work in the psychology field.

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