Students of Jim Thorpe Highschool take on remediation

by Eve Morris

Students of Jim Thorpe Area High School who did not pass the Keystone tests in Literature and Math now have to take a remediation class during pods. The students who passed them get to dress down every Friday.

“I feel like it is not fair that they started dress down right when remediation started because now people know if you passed or not,” Khael Matias, senior said.

Some may think it is not fair but, there are people like senior, Sam Hydro who believe it is fair.

Hydro said, “I am happy that we are given this privilege. I think that it is a nice reward for the students who passed them.”

The students who are taking remediation have to finish all their work to be able to dress down. They are spending time in pods to get done the work they need to do.

“Remediation is not hard, just time consuming. It is good to learn stuff again,” Said Matias.

Dress down days give students an opportunity to express themselves, being able to wear something other than uniforms.

“Yes, I care about dress downs because I like to wear different clothes to school,” Hydro said.

Math and Literature remediation started a few weeks ago. Some students are finished, while some are still working.

Matias said, “I’m almost done.”

Once students have finished all their remediation, they will then get the privilege to dress down with the rest of the seniors.

Matias was asked if students are allowed to dress down once they finish and she said, “Yes, you get to once you finish all of your work.”

Some may think remediation is a waste of time, some may think it is a benefit, but if they did not pass the Keystone tests, they have to take remediation whether they like it or not.

About the Author

Eve Morris, 18, lives in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, and is a senior at Jim Thorpe Area Senior High School. She is a part of The Olympiad and is involved in soccer, which she enjoys to play. Eve is going to be attending Lehigh Carbon Community College. Later on, she is planning on becoming more involved in her parent’s business and eventually becoming an interior designer.

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