Talented students perform in JTAHS talent show

Jillian Saltz, Brielle Long and Danielle Shapiro, with the help of Mr. Spirk, are hosting a talent show as their senior project. The talent show is scheduled to take place at JTAHS on March 21st, at 7:00pm.

“My favorite thing about the talent show is, by far, being able to work with the talented students of Jim Thorpe High School and giving them the opportunity to express their talents in this show,” Brielle Long, Senior at JTAHS, said.

Brielle has worked very hard these last few years. She has tried new and old activities as well. She is a part of chorus and so many other clubs within the high school. She and her two other friends, who are helping her with the talent show for their senior projects, are Jillian Saltz and Danielle Shapiro.

“Tickets will need to be purchased. We plan to raise money for a local charity,” Long, said.

The ticket pricing is to help raise money for local charities in town.

“For our senior project, we are most likely going to have individuals donate dog toys/items for the Carbon County Dog Shelter at entry,” Jillian Saltz, Senior at JTAHS, stated

The girls want to help out the local animal shelter within the community by donating toys and other needed items for the shelter.

“I believe that everyone will enjoy coming to see the show. We have a wide range of groups, bands, and dancers with a lot of talent,” Long, said.

Certain students are not only talented in athletics or academics, but are also talented in other things such as dancing or singing. Some students even have their own band.

“I feel that with the amount of acts we have, the show will go smoothly. The dedication the students show is outstanding,” Saltz, said.

All of the students are working hard to prepare for the upcoming show, which is a week away from today.

“We are doing this for our senior project due to our love for the stage and performing. It is a way to develop a truly entertaining experience for everyone,” Long, said.

The girls are helping show many different talents to the community by hosting this event. Some talents will leave memories and touch hearts and lives equally.

“I am doing this as my senior project because my sister did this as well. The turnout was very good and, overall, this is a very fun project for a good cause,” Saltz, said.



About the Author

Noel Gablick, 18, lives in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, and is a senior at Jim Thorpe Area Senior High School. She is a part of The Olympiad and involved in Glee Club and Chorus, since she enjoys to sing. After high school, Noel is going to attend Lehigh Carbon Community College. Later on, she will be attending DeSales Univerity as a transfer student so she can one day become a Kindergarten teacher.

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