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Volleyball tournament

One of the biggest school activities known to Jim Thorpe would easily be the annual Volleyball Tournament. Ask any of the students what their favorite school activity is before winter break, and most of them…

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Most might not know what SWPBIS stands for, what it means, or even what it is used for in school. SWPBIS stands for School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. The SWPBIS club in the high…

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Spreading school spirit

Spreading school spirit may be easy, but coming up with new ideas to get everyone pumped up for the big game is not always simple. For Anthony Getz and Jacob Shellhammer, it is. These two…

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Breaking new records

Two Jim Thorpe Olympians, Alex McGinley and Kelsey Carroll, set two new records for the girls’ volleyball team this season. The two volleyball players have been trying to reach this goal since they both have…

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Homecoming proposals

Around this time, there are many expectations high school students begin to have. These may include getting good grades, doing well in a sporting event, studying for big tests coming up, and possibly even worrying…

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